19″ Cantilevered Data Shelves from $9.99

19 inch data shelf

ConnectZone.com once again is helping you save money on your IT budget by keeping the costs of 19″ Data Shelves affordable.

19″ Rack Shelves

ConnectZone.com has a complete line of Data Shelves starting at $9.99 Here is the full lineup of the value line of shelves from ConnectZone.com19″


For all of our cables for Cisco Equipment please Click here Cisco Cables.

Some of the other Cables that ConnectZone.com stocks are …


Multi Mode 62.5/125 Fiber Patch Cords

10G 50/125 10G om3 Fiber Patch Cords

8.3 Single Mode Fiber Patch Cords

8.3 Single Mode APC & UPC Fiber Patch Cords

Fiber Optic Couplers

Fiber Optic LoopBack

Fiber Optic Mode Conditioing Cables

Cat5E Patch Cords

Cat6 Patch Cords


Audio Cables

Bay Networks Cables

Cisco Cables

Coaxial Cables

Ds3 Cables

Firewire IEEE1994 Cables

HDMI Cables

InfiniBand 10Gig Cables

Juniper Cables

Kentrox Cables

Keyboard Cables

Livingstone Cables

Motorola Cables

Nortel Cables

Parallel Printer Cables

Serial RS-232 Cables

S-Video Cables

Telco Systems Cables

USB Cables

V.35 Cables

VGA Cables

For large volume users please contact us at sales@connectzone.com

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Fax 425-212-4394

Dann Oberholtzer

Dann "The Cable Man" Oberholtzer has been in the cable, Fiber Optic business Since the early 1980's that is over 30 years of experience !

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