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A Day In The Life Of Cable dog

By Guest Blogger Sammy

My name is Sammy-I also go by Sam. I am a 5 year old Border Collie mix. I was rescued from a dumpster in Yakima by an organization called Lil’ Waif Puppy Rescue.
I came to the rescue with something they called “failure to thrive”. They were really nice to me though; I got snuggled in a rocking chair a lot and got better. I used to stand in my water dish all the time and the nice lady who rescued me made sure I was adopted into a home that would involve water. Sure enough I got my own pond now and lots of friendly neighbor dogs that come over to play.

My favorite neighbor is a Chihuahua named Harley, he doesn’t seem to notice how much bigger I am than him. One of my other best friends is a Schnauzer named Zeke-I met him when we were both really young and I taught him to climb stairs. I also live with 3 cats-but they aren’t much fun to play with, in fact they are all kinda crabby.

I have a pretty easy life now-but had a really rough start. It was even a little rough when I got adopted to my forever home. My potty training coincided with my owners purchasing a Roomba. I tried really hard to hold it-but had an accident. My owners didn’t notice right away and one of them decided to start the Roomba and poop got dragged all over the house. They talk about it now like it’s a really funny story-but they didn’t think it was funny when it happened!

Most days I wake up around 7AM but I don’t generally get up to stretch until I hear someone getting into the shower. Then I stretch a bit and wonder on downstairs to see if any food magically appeared in my dish overnight. Then outside for a potty and squirrel check-I LOVE chasing the squirrels.

I am always excited to get in the car and go to work. I run into the warehouse and greet all the people there. I run up and down the aisles
of the warehouse until I find each and everyone. If anyone is missing I find it very worrisome. There are so many aisles full of things like HDMI cables and patch cables-I don’t know what they are used for but they must be pretty important ‘cause we have a lot of them. One day a long time ago when our warehouse was in Kent Washington, I caught a rat. I made company history!

Then I go up to the business office and have to greet everyone there. I get to go for a walk at lunch and then I mostly sleep until it’s time to go home. If you want to see a picture of me visit our facebook page group. Until next time happy tails to you.

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Panicking Never Helps Anything

It doesn’t matter what you are talking about in life, panicking will only make things worse. At home, at work, during a true bloodletting emergency, fear and panic will not help you. The only solution I have ever found is to tell myself, often loudly “it is only (fill in the blank)”. The “blank” could be blood, pain, fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of public speaking, dying in a plane crash, failing a
test, losing your job, stock market crash or being eaten by a shark while swimming. Taking a firm and confident mental position will help you, here are some thoughts.

At one point in my life I was a trained “first responder” as well as certified to teach Red Cross first aid and CPR. Rule #1, secure
yourself and your situation, one disaster is bad enough-don’t make it two disasters. So if you stop to help at a car accident, make sure your car is blocking traffic from hitting YOU so you can assist others. If you happen to run into an electrical emergency, shut off the power before you touch anything-better to be safe than electrocuted, you can’t help anyone if you are being electrocuted. If someone has fallen through frozen ice, get them a rope or branch, take off your shirt or jeans and throw it out to them, do not try to walk on the ice out to save them. It sounds like common sense right? But the thing is when panic takes over common sense, calm clarity and critical thinking go right out the window.

Before I go further I want you to click this link and start the music-reduce the window and come back to me.

Here is how it starts for me; I generally start by holding my breath, which after a short period of time makes me dizzy. Around the time I start to feel dizzy I know I am panicking-so I remind myself to breath. Immediately things get better. Then the song you are listening to, well it starts playing inside my stomach which makes white caps in my little sea of stomach acid. (BTW you should recognize this music-it is played
in several famous slasher and satanic movies).

Then I say to myself “Jemma, go to solution” and more often than not it flips a switch in me. It reminds me that if I am panicking I am not going to finish the physics test. If I panic, I am not securing my life preserver on the sinking ship. Panicking doesn’t help you perform effective CPR. Panicking, while totally natural, is essentially useless so save you or anyone else. Panicking was designed to increase your sympathetic nervous system responses so that in an emergency there would be more blood flow to large muscles to you could run away from a bear. A stimulated sympathetic nervous system increases blood flow to your ear drums so you can hear better and increases the size of your
pupils to let more light in so you can see with better acuity. Adrenalin released in panic mode causes constriction in your bronchial tubes so you can increase the volume of oxygen you can take in and make it available to your body to do work in an emergency. Stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system makes it so you don’t notice if you are hungry or have to go potty-I suppose because if a bear is chasing you-it’s not a good time to stop for a sandwich. Adrenalin released by your sympathetic nervous systems constricts blood vessels so you bleed less if injured. The other funny stuff like an upset stomach, feeling dizzy-well that is all just silly side effects from the adrenalin. If you know about these silly side effects you can talk your way through them and control them rather than they control you.

When I worked in emergency veterinary medicine, guess what the busiest day of the year was? 4th of July. Animals generally don’t appreciate fireworks; they think that their previously quiet neighborhood has suddenly turned into a war zone. They run into the street panicking and get hit by cars, they chew through dog crates, they chase and often bite fireworks, they run full speed into closed glass doors, and they escape yard boundaries and meet up with other panicking animals and get in fights. For the people of the USA, it’s a great day for celebrating independence from England for
animals on the other hand it is a terrifying, horrific bonanza of unexpected and unpredictable loud noise and light. Fortunately as humans with a supposed larger forebrain we can understand what is happening whereas animals cannot.

This brings me back to my point which is whether in business or personal life panicking won’t help. The wolf lurking at the door is just fear disguised as a scruffy dog, he can’t really hurt you. Panicking on the other hand can suspend your ability to save your business or a life. Next time panic sets in, remind yourself it can’t help you and go to solution. As Ivar Hagland would say “remain calm, cool, and collect”.


USA Needs a Pride Stimulus not an economic stimulus, Some things money can’t buy

By Guest Blogger, Dann the Cable Man

In 1980 I was 16 years old, driving a ’67 Camaro (weren’t we all?),
Inflation was high and unemployment was even higher. Interest rates were hovering around 20%. The previous year Iranians kidnapped US Embassy staff and were holding them hostage (remember Nightline “day 287 of the Iranian Hostage Crisis”). The 2nd Oil embargo was in effect, Gas stations had to switch from selling by the gallon to the liter just so they could charge above $1.00 per gallon. The Cold war was still very hot, the soviets had just invaded Afghanistan and we all know what that gave birth too-yeah, a tall guy in a turban who lives in
a cave somewhere. In Washington State we had the WHOOPS Fiasco. It was a bad time, a really really bad time. Any student of history knows that when a country is downtrodden and has lost faith with itself it is also very vulnerable, recall Germany post WWI.

Then something terrific happened, A Miracle on Ice. February 1980 at the
Olympics the United States team won over the Soviet Union. The Soviets had won EVERY Gold medal in hockey since 1964. That means the Soviets had won in ’64, ’68, ’72 and 1976. The soviet team was comprised of “Soviet Soldiers” paid to be soldiers who practiced together every day; the Soviets had Vladislav Tretiak considered to be THE BEST GOALIE in the world, and yes that includes the NHL. The Soviets had played professional NHL teams that year to warm up & had gone 5-3-1 & had beaten the NHL all stars 6-0.

The best Hockey players in North America were coming from Canada not the
USA; the NHL at that time got most of its players from Canada. The 2 teams met on Feb for an exhibition match in February and the soviets won 10-3.


USA won 4-3

USA was down 1-0 & then 2-1 but then Jim Craig had the game of his
life, the game of the century (the Soviets had 39 shots on goal that day, the American only 16. With about 8 minutes left in the Game USA scored to tie & then scored the go ahead goal. Al Michaels became famous that day Eleven seconds, you’ve got ten seconds, the countdown going on right now! Morrow, up to Silk. Five seconds left in the game. Do you believe in miracles? Yes!

Sports Illustrated voted this as THE GREATEST SPORTS MOMENT of the 20th Century. I, Dann the Cableman remember it like it was yesterday. While the gold medal was not won that night the USA team had done the miraculous, I woke up at 3am in disbelief wondering if I dreamed it. After going to bed at 2am to watch the USA team defeated Finland &
win the Gold Medal)

THIS win galvanized the country with pride that no Political speech could
have, we were proud to wave our flags, we screamed USA USA USA, and we were both proud & thankful to be US citizens.

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Follow Your Heart And The (fill in the blank) Will Follow

For some the “blank” is money, other’s it is love, for many it is success in whatever they are pursuing. While I will always consider conventional wisdom-I won’t blindly follow it-personally or in business. Anything else is just crazy talk, foolish to me.

Next time someone tells you something is impossible, remember this.
That is the short story of Christian the lion. Christian was purchased from Harrods department store in London by 2 guys. Christian had been part of a store display and got too big for the window display. When he outgrew his owners, they released him in Africa. The owners wanted to
visit him 2 years later and were told Christian was forming his own lion pride and not only would he not recognize them it would be dangerous. Christian did recognize them and in fact brought his wife and children to meet with them. True story.

Next time you are told your quarterback (quarterback is figurative here-it could be your boss or spouse) sucks and you can’t win, visualize this.

If you think change isn’t possible, reconsider.

Inspiration isn’t the same as opportunity. Opportunity often knocks at the door. Inspiration on the other hand rarely knocks; mostly you have to look for it. Next time you feel weak remember this, it spans generations.

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Cisco WebEx on 24

I admit it-I am a 24 junkie and I voted for Jack Bauer for President last
November. 24 is fast paced, patriotic and uses a lot of really cool technology that the average Joe doesn’t know exists let alone understands. To check out a scene from last night’s 24 click here. Last night the plugs for Cisco were kind of obscene-but it did get me interested in the technology. WebExprovides technology for everything from electronic signatures to web meeting and video conferencing capabilities; Cisco calls them virtual collaboration tools. BTW sells Cisco cables if you are in need of one.

Product Placement 101

Am I the only person who noticed Cisco product placement in last night’s
episode? I suspect not. But how many of you noticed Sprint cell phones, government agents only driving Ford SUVs and all the computers being Macs? Well it makes sense since darn near everyone has a DVR and skips commercials. I guess old dogs can learn new tricks.

Starkwood vs. Blackwater hey that’s downright scary. If you have a 2 monitor set up open both links and read side by side. Maybe that speaks to Kiefer Sutherland’s politics.

Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease also scary although I don’t know enough about genetically engineering it to accelerate. I hope infecting Jack with a relative of Mad Cow
Disease doesn’t spell curtains-maybe Juma also genetically engineered an antidote although I sure hope 24 isn’t going to try to jump the shark!

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