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From Russia with Love: Cyxymu

Thursday August 6 2009 Twitter and Facebook were simultaneously interrupted by a “denial of service attack”.   Max Kelly, chief security officer at Facebook, claims the attack was directed at one blogger, Cyxymu.

Cyxymu is also the name of a town in the Republic Of Georgia-this is an English translation of Cyxymu’s Live Nation blog site. Here is some of the text on the blog site that is apparently a letter to the President of the Republic of Georgia:

“Уважаемый Дмитрий Анатольевич! Dear Dmitry!

Несмотря на то, что мы с Вами являемся можно сказать политическими
оппонентами, да и к тому же Вы являетесь президентом той страны,
которая оккупировала часть моей Родины, я хочу обратится к Вам с
советом. Despite the fact that we are political opponents can say, and
besides you are the president of the country which has occupied part of
my homeland, I want to ask you to board.

Может быть этот коммент Вы так и не увидите тут (т.к. мои комментарии в
этом сообществе часто не раскрываются), но я приложу все усилия, чтоб
он дошел до Вас по тем или иным каналам. Maybe this коммент you did not
see it (because my comments in this community often are not disclosed),
but I will spare no effort, that he came to you on certain channels.

Думаю Вы уже в курсе того, что неизвестные хакеры устроили DDoS атаку
на мои блоги, расположенные на,,, I think you’re already aware of the fact that
unknown hackers staged a DDoS attack on my blog, located at,,, Кроме
последнего все сервисы были повалены хакерами, которые по всем данным
были из России. In addition, all projects have been the last stretch by
hackers, who all data were from Russia.

Но это была не первая DDoS атака на мои блоги, в прошлом году мой блог
на так же был под атакой, и не работал с октября 2008
года, по май 2009. But this was not the first DDoS attack on my blogs,
in the past year, my blog on also was under attack, and
has not worked since October 2008 to May 2009. Однако это не получило
широкой известности и не было расследовано правоохранительными органами
России, что видимо дало хакерам эффект вседозволенности. However, it is
not widely known and was not investigated by law enforcement agencies
of Russia, which apparently has the effect of permissiveness hackers.

Теперь же весь мир, с моих слов, говорит о том, что российские хакеры,
которые по всей видимо на службе у правительства, могут, ради
блокирования одного блоггера с иным мнением, закрыть доступ в большие
социальные сети для миллионов человек. Now the whole world with my
words, suggests that Russian hackers, who apparently in the service of
the Government, may, for the sake of blocking one blogger with a
different view, close to the big social networks for millions of people.

Так вот, уважаемый Дмитрий Анатольевич! So, dear Dmitry!

Прошу Вас дать задание своим спецслужбам найти и исполнителей, и
организаторов этой атаки, и показательно наказать, чтоб другим было
неповадно. I request you to give the job to find and special
performers, and organizers of the attacks, and revealing to punish, to
others it was nepovadno.

Необязательно публиковать скриншот этой страницы с Вашей резолюцией, но
сделайте это, для восстановления имиджа Вашей страны. You do not need
to publish a screenshot of this page in your resolution, but do it, to
restore the image of your country.

А то, Ваше ПВО сбивало во время войны Ваши же самолеты, которые бомбили
Ваши же колонны, а некто Нагавицин, утверждает, что это грузины
перекрашивали свои самолеты в цвета ВВС России и так бомбили.. And
then, your aircraft to shoot down during the war, your the same
aircraft, which bombed your same columns, but someone Nagavitsin,
argues that the Georgians perekrashivali their aircraft in the Air
Force colors, and so Russia bombed ..

Постыдились бы. Would be ashamed.

Итак, я Вас предупредил, господин президент. So, I warned you, Mr. President.

Вы любите интернет, надеюсь Вы понимаете, как важно восстановить облик
России после этой грязной атаки. You love the Internet, I hope you
understand how important it is to restore the image of Russia after
this dirty attack.

С Уважением Sincerely

Георгий George”


Some have suggested this shut down of Twitter and Facebook is due to
the Koobface Virus. Of note is that criminal authors also picked August
6th to launch and updated version of the Koobface Virus,
which propagates by using Facebook and Twitter posts to trick folks
into downloading trojanized software. So if Twitter or Facebook goes
down-it would seem counter to the purpose of the malware. But then
thankfully I don’t understand the twisted minds of those who create

Hmmmmmm………………..I must say, this reeks of international intrigue.
Cyxymu’s government shutting down his blog seems to be the most
logical explanation. I hear James Bond music playing in my head; I am
having visions of Robert Redford and Brad Pitt in Spy Game.

Seriously, I do have a question though:

  1. Who thinks that this guy’s blog is so dangerous that they are willing to go to such extremes to quiet his voice?

He must be worth listening to if his government wants to shut him up that bad!

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Geeks Are Sexy

And I have proof. I ran across a blog the other day entitled “Geeks are Sexy”.
I ran across this blog a few days ago and it has topics ranging from
scientists writing about a cure for cancer to book reviews.

Several of the books on their “10 must read books for Geeks” sound very interesting so I thought I would also share them with my readers. So here we go:

iWoz: Computer Geek to Cult Icon: How I Invented the Personal Computer, Co-Founded Apple, and Had Fun Doing It

Authors: Steve Wozniak, Gina Smith

Publisher: W. W. Norton

288 pages

Book homepage ($2.99)

This book helps explain how the Apple fairy tale began in the 1970s
and is written by Steve Wozniak the man supposed to have put together
by hand the first personal computer. It details how Wozniak met Steve
Jobs and how the Apple empire began.

The Ultimate History of Video Games

Author: Steven L. Kent

Publisher: Three Rivers Press

624 pages

Book homepage

If you want to understand the genesis of gaming this is a must read.
The book reveals that early Atari  had the corporate climate of a
dot-com startup, with rampant drug use and meetings staged in outdoor
hot tubs. Did you know that Japan suffered a coin shortage during 1978
the height of Space Invadors? How about the original name for Pac Man
was Puck Man-but do to vandal concerns that might replace the P with an
F-it became Pac Man.

The Google Story

Authors: David Vise, Mark Malseed

Publisher: Delta

336 pages

Book homepage

Before 1998 there was no such thing as a Page Rank algorithm. Google
was created by 2 students at Standford University. This book will
outline how Page and Sergey Brin reinvented advertising and created one
of the most successful and influential organizations of all time.

Does IT Matter?

Author: Nicholas G. Carr

Publisher: Harvard Business School Press

208 pages

Book homepage

I am sure you have all heard the expression doctors have a “God Complex” so it seems do many IT managers. This book takes the position that just as many other industries such as railroads and telegraphs evolved to the point where humans become less necessary-the same thing will happen in IT. Does IT Matter-suggests that IT needs to change its mission to providing solutions for business.

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