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Clean up Your Data Closet

Clean up Your Data Closet

Messy network wiring: avoid getting all tangled up


Messy Cable Closet












Organized Cable Closet











Ever decided to start some project and it just turns out to be a huge time suck?

You take one step forward and momentarily bask in the success. Then, because of the sloppiness of the previous responsible party, you take two steps back.

This can apply to many things; from the plumbing in your house to the wiring infrastructure in your network.

In a recent post to the ITEC blog regarding cable organization , expert Paul Venezia gives several important tips for keeping the wires in your walls under control.

Among his many good points, he suggests:

Removing old wiring -any “legacy” wiring, from the old days, is guaranteed to slow down installation efforts, like having 3 layers of roofing on a house.

Invest in proper cable management  – Keep it Organized! The extra effort will pay dividends later.

The bottom line: don’t take your wiring for granted. Since everything else in your network will be built upon the wiring, it deserves the proper attention.


Article by Lance Wilder


CAB-DFC-OCTAL-3MF T1/E1 Cable stock’s a large quantity of the CAB-DFC-OCTAL-3MF Cables which are used to connect the 36 pin connector on the octal T1/E1 card of the AS5400 to eight T1 or E1 lines. CAB-DFC-OCTAL-3MF.html

As well at the 3meter CAB-DFC-OCTAL-3MF also stocks the following lengths

As always we can build the CAB-DFC-OCTAL cables in a custom lengths.

The CAB-DFC-OCTAL-3MF cable is used with the

whether you are in the Greater Seattle Puget sound area or located far away from outr office in Lynnwood Washington we would love to help you with a CAB-DFC-OCTAL cable or any of your fiber optic or copper cabling needs. contact us today

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12512 Beverly Park road Suite b1b

Lynnwood Wa 98087

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Cisco CAB-AC-C6K-TWLK power cord has gotten another rather large shipment in of the CAB-AC-C6K-TWLK, AC  power cord for the Cisco Catalyst 6000 with the L6-20P Twist Lock connectors 10 feet long.

The CAB-AC-C6K-TWLK has a NEMA L6-20P on one end & the square IEC-320-C19 on th4e other end. The Nema L6-20P connector plugs into the cab-ac-c6k-twlkwall & then you give it a qurter turn to lock it in & ensure that it won’t accidentally come unplugged. Also carries this in other lengths like the 15 foot CAB-AC-C6K-TWLK-15 is not only your best source for CAB-AC-C6K-TWLK & other Cisco Cables,  but also for other Cisco Cables, SMF Single Mode Fiber Optic patch Cords. MMF Multi Mode Fiber Optic patch cords, 10G Fiber Optic Patch CordsFiber Attenuators.


Contact uas today for any of your Cable needs phone 425-212-4400 email

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Cab-Stack Cables from stock Stocks all standard length Cisco Cab-stack Cables as well as manufactures custom Cab-stack cables up to 25 Meters.


Cab-Stack Cables are used for connecting or Daisy-Chaining multiple Cisco 3750 or 3750-E Stackable switches & is optimized for Gigabit Ethernet (aka 1000BaseT or GbE) allowing the Stack of switches to tied together as one switch.

Cisco Cab-Stack Cable

The standard length of Stack Cables are

1/2 meter Cisco Stacking Cable

1 Meter Cisco Stacking Cable

3 Meter Cisco Stacking Cable is you source for Fiber Optics, Cables & Custom Cab-Stack Cables.

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Connectzone manufacturers CAB-SMF-Y-SC & CAB-MMF-Y-SC Singlemode & Multimode Y Cables for redundancy

Connectzone provides Fiber Optic Y cables for redundancy in your Data Center. The  CAB-SMF-Y-SC Single Mode Fiber Optic Y cable allows 1 output device to send information to 2 input devices for redundancy in your Data Center. stock many lengths of the following…

as well as Y cables for immediate shipment, we can also manufacture with any type of connector that you may need suich as  SC , LC , ST, MPO.


Contact us today for more information

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