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Cab-HD4-232FC for $199.99

CAB-HD4-232FC also has the  Cab-HD4-232MT under $120.


The Cab-HD4-232FC cable is used to connect the Cisco 8 port Asynchronous  / Synchronous High speed wan card.


The Cab-HD4-232MT cable is used with the Cisco 8-Port Asynchronous/Synchronous High-Speed WAN Interface Card with 2 high-density 4-port connectors. Each connector supports four ports of EIA-232 with data communications equipment (DCE) or data terminal equipment (DTE) interfaces. All four ports on one cable use the same DTE/DCE mode. The Cisco Cards that this is normally used with is HWIC-4A/S & HWIC-8A/S-232 for more information please see Cisco Website.



ConnectZone is your source for all connectivity needs including:

Fiber Optics, Fiber Attenuators, Audio/Video Cables, Data Racks, Data Shelves, Data Cabinets, HDMI Cables, Cat5 Patch Cords, Cat5e Patch Cords, Cat6 Patch Cords, Cat5 & Cat6 Patch Panels, and Rack Mount Kits.

ConnectZone also carries: Cisco, Serial and Parallel cables as well as high end DS3 Communications.


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Cab-HD4-232MT, Asynchronous/Synchronous cable, HWIC-4A/S cable, HWIC-8A/S-232 cable, Cisco Cables

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Cisco CAB-HD8-ASYNC  in stock at $99.99ea


The CAB-HD8-ASYNC High -density 8-port EIA-232 asynchronous cable for the Cisco HWIC-8A, HWIC-16A cards, is a 8-port EIA-232 10 foot cable with Micro VHDCI 68 Male to 8 RJ45 Males. The CAB-HD8-ASYNC is used with the following routers 1841, 1941, 2800, 2900, 3800, 3900.

Please see our other Cisco cables.

If you don’t see what you need Please contact us immediately at 1-425-212-4400 or is located in Lynnwood Washington just 20 minutes north of Seattle. can be contacted by the following means.

12512 Beverly Park Road Suite b1b

Lynnwood Wa 98087


Phone 425-212-4400

Fax 425-212-4394


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Cat5E 12 Port Patch Panel

Cat5E Mini 12 Port Patch Panel from $19.99

Cat5 Patch Panel


he PM5-12E Mini Cat5E 12 Port patch Panel is available from for $19.99 from stock, for quantity discounts please contact Connectzone sales


The mini 12 port Cat5E  patch panel is perfect for small Cat5E wring jobs of 12 stations or less.



This Cat5E Mini 12 Port Patch Panel Vertical patch panel is perfect for smaller cat5E wiring jobs .

This can be terminated in either 568a or 568b color code



  • 110 Punch down on the back
  • Includes 66 Mounting Bracket
    • 12 RJ45 Cat5E Jacks on Front
    • Small Footprint, saving space
    • Dimensions 10″ Tall 2.5″ Wide

This Cat5 E 350Mhz Mini Patch Panel is UL Listed & ETL approved

Here is the Balance of our Cat5E & Cat6 structured wiring items can be contacted by the following means.

12512 Beverly Park Road Suite b1b

Lynnwood Wa 98087


Phone 425-212-4400

Fax 425-212-4394


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Custom CAB-5686-06= T1 Y Cable Assembly

Custom CAB-5685-06 T1 Copper Y cable

CAB-5686-06= 6″ inch Y-cable assembly ( 1x RJ48 male to 2x RJ45 female ). These cables are standard length of 6″ inches but can be made to a custom length upon request as well all our cables.

  • BPX 8600
  • IGX 8400
  • MGX 8220
  • MGX 8000 series
  • PXM-UI-S3
  • PXM-UI-S3/B


12512 Beverly Park Road
Suite B1b
Lynnwood WA 998087

Phone: 425.212.4400


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