Connectzone stocks AIR-CAB LL Antenna cables for Cisco Aironet Products

air-cab antenna cable

The Air-CAB Cables Consist of RP-TNC Male – RP-TNC Female using LMR400 wire for a 6.7 decibels (dB) per 100 feet (30 meters [m]) for LL cables and 4.4 dB for the ULL cable equating to the following transmission losses. Antenna cable transmission loss.
 20 Foot LL Antenna Cable 1.3dB
 50 Foot LL Antenna Cable 3.4dB
100 Foot ULL Antenna Cable 4.4dB
150 Foot ULL Antenna Cable 6.6dB


Here is the stocking list of Aironet Antenna Air-Cab- cables.

The Air-Cab cables are also known as

air cab003ll r
air cab005ll r
air cab010ll r
air cab015ll r
air cab020ll r
air cab050ll r
air cab100ull r
air cab150ull r


Full list of the Cisco Cables we carry is located in Lynnwood Washington just 20 minutes north of Seattle / Bellevue / Redmond Washington in the greater Puget Sound area & can be contacted by the following means.
12512 Beverly Park Road Suite b1b
Lynnwood Wa 98087

Phone 425-212-4400
Fax 425-212-4394

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