Supplier for Waterproof D-sub & High Density D-sub Connectors and Cables

waterproof d-sub connectors

AIR-DB15HOODRJ6 Waterproof Watertight Connector/Adapter. DB15 Male to RJ45 Female Pinned F.I

LTW Technology Standard D-Sub & Hi-Density D-Sub Connector and Cable Specs:

What we offer

  • Connector: D-Sub Shielded, High Density D-Sub Shielded, D-Sub Plastic, High Density D-Sub Plastic
  • Number of Contacts: 09, 15, 25, 26, …, 78
  • Connector Type: Panel, With Strain Relief, Without Strain Relief
  • Connector Gender: Male, Female
  • Contact Gender: Male, Female
  • Assembly Style: PCB, Solder, Molded with Cable, Field Installable Solder Pin, Field Installable Crimp Pin
  • Mating Style: Latch, Screw, Push Pull
  • Backshell: Straight without Board Lock, Right without Board Lock, Straight with Board Lock, Right Angle with Board Lock
  • Waterproof Rating: IP66, IP67, IP68
  • Standard Cable: UL2464 PVC Jacket

ConnectZone is located in Lynnwood WA and caters to customers in need of fiber optic cables wheather they’re in the greater Seattle area, Pacific Northwest or all over the web. Browse through our online store to find a connection that is needed for your network area.

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