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CAB-TA-NA Cisco Power cord in stock for immediate shipment

CAB-NA-TA cab-ta-na drawing ConnectZone is pleased to announce our new & improved Cisco Compatible CAB-TA-NA power cord. The Connectzone Brand CAB-TA-NA is 100% Cisco compatible & available for immediate shipment.   Connectzone is a leader in 3rd party power cords & stocks over 100 Cisco & other manufacture compatible power cords; including HP, Emulex, Alcatel, Juniper & […]

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The CAB-UBR10-AC-US= power cable for Cisco UBR100012 router is specially designed to to fit in all cable management on the Cisco UBR router.       Connectzone carries many Cisco compatible cables to power their products. Some of the power cables for Cisco are……. CAB-7KAC= CAB-AC   CAB-7513AC= CAB-7513AC-12= CAB-7513AC-15= CAB-7513AC-20= CAB-7513ACA= CAB-7513ACE= CAB-7513ACI= CAB-7513ACR= […]

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CAB-1900W-US1 Power Cable

CAB-1900W-US1 The CAB-1900W-US1 power cord is used to connect a WS-CAC-1900W power supply. The Connectzone brand CAB-1900W-US1 is UL & CSA approved and available for immediate shipment. Other popular Power cords for use on routers & switches are CAB-AC-2500W-US1, CAB-AC-2800W-620       Connectzone also carries] CAB-C19-CBN Fiber Attenuators LC Fiber Attenuators FC Fiber Attenuators […]

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CAB-C19-CBN Connectzone carries the CAB–C19-CBN . This C19-C20m Power cable is 100% Cisco compatible & readily availble from stock  The CAB–C19-CBN is for use with your PDU or Cisco UCS 5108 blade chassis it is rated at 16A 250V. Standard Length of this Connectzone cable is 10 feet, but other lengtths are availabe on request […]

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Connectzone Lynnwood Wa Fiber Optic Attenuators

 Fiber Attenuators   Connectzone, Lynnwood Washington is your best source for fiber-optic attenuators and fiber-optic cables. Our Fiber Singlemode 9/125   Attenuators are available from 1dB to 25dB for immediate shipping. Connectzone offers a wide range of fiber optic Attenuators.  Available for Singlemode 9/125, Multimode 50/125 and Multimode 62.5/125 applications.  Our Male to Female buildout […]

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CAB-9K10A-UK= CAB-9K10A-UK carries many Cisco Compatible Power cords to connect your Data center equipment, including the CAB-9K10A-UK as well as many other And as well as many other Data Cable.  Power Cable, Single Mode Fiber & OM3 Multi Mode Optic cords for your needs ConnectZone has been  providing cable and fiber optic patch for Data Centers: not […]

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AIR-ACC2537-060 antenna extension cable

AIR-ACC2537-060 antenna extension cable the AIR-ACC2537-060 antenna extension cable coaxial cable is used for interconnecting the antennas and the radio devices. RP-TNC (M)- RP-TNC (F), 5 ft standard length, but this can be built to your specs   for the following Cisco Aironet devices 1200 1220 1230 1231 1232 1242 1250 1252 1260 5030 […]

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CAB-T3E3-RF-BNC-M stocks Ultra Flexible CAB-T3E3-RF-BNC-F cables for Cisco products and other 75 telecom applications. The Ultra Flexible CAB-T3/E3-RF-BNC cables are 6x more flexible than Cisco CAB-T3/E3-RF-BNC-m or CAB-T3/E3-RF-BNC-F cables with no loss of Signal. All CAB-T3/E3-RF-BNC-M & CAB-T3/E3-RF-BNC-F are fully G.703, G.751 & G.832 compliant. Here is the stocking list of CAB-T3/E3-RF-BNC- cables […]

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Cab-stack cables

Cab-stack Stackwise cables now stocks the Cisco Stackwise cable for the Cisco 3750 & 3750-E Catalyst & NME-XD-24ES-1S-P in ½ meter, 1 meter, 3 meter, 5 meter, 7 meter & 10 meter lengths; for immediate shipment. has been a industry leader in not just the Cisco Stackwise Cables but in All types […]

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10GB Fiber Cables

10GB Fiber Cables stocks over 10,000 fiber optic cables at any time having one of the largest sections of not just 10GB fiber but also SM & MM fiber as well. 10GB Fiber Cords (OM3 fiber) come standard with ceramic ferrules and deliver 10 gigabit data speed in intensive bandwidth situations. Our OM3 fiber […]

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