CAB-ATM-DS3/E3 Cable for Cisco Systems 4000 and 7000 ATM PA-MC-T3 Port Adapter.

This PA-MC-T3 Ds3 Cable is a dual 75ohm coaxial cable with BNC male connectors all around.


This cable is also know as cab-atm-ds3 e3




The version of this cable is made from our extra Flexible DS3 Dual Siamese Coax cable, creating a cable assembly that is much easier to handle in the field.

Here is the specification for a T3 Signal

Specifications for the T3 Front End
Parameter Specification
Line rate 44.736 Mbps (±20 ppm)
Line code B3ZS (bipolar with three-zero substitution)
Impedance 75 ohms
Pulse shape ANSI T1.102, pulse amplitude is between 0.36 and 0.85 volts (V) peak
Input signal DSX-3 (9.7 dB to -11.8 dB)
Output signal DSX-3, able to drive 450 feet (135 meters) of 75-ohm coaxial cable (728A or equivalent) and meet pulse shape template at the line side is located in Lynnwood Washington just north of Seattle & Bellevue.

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