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How Important is Social Networking in Business?

In a word, extraordinarily. But if you are reading a blog like this, you probably already know that. Social networking has become a critical part of the business landscape and it is only going to get bigger. The more technology we get it, only makes sense that what we used to do at old fashion […]

H1N1 vs. Y2K

Remember all the hysteria about Y2K? As business owners we had to have documented plans as how to house and feed employees if there was a Y2K disaster. Well the media is stirring up similar hysteria about H1N1 also known as swine flu, well at least that is my opinion. Matt Drudge is leading his […]

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Geeks Are Sexy

And I have proof. I ran across a blog the other day entitled “Geeks are Sexy”. I ran across this blog a few days ago and it has topics ranging from scientists writing about a cure for cancer to book reviews. Several of the books on their “10 must read books for Geeks” sound very […]

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Employee Reviews

We love all our employees at Connectzone.com. Each one plays an integral part in our business and we simply couldn’t survive without them. Employee reviews are a little bit like getting your report card and can create anxiety for both the reviewer and the reviewee. Connectzone.com uses a common tool in reviews where not only […]

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Connectzone goes to Vegas! (for the Interop trade show)

Guest Blogger, Cable Geek When ConnectZone decided to exhibit at the 2009 Interop show this year, we knew it was going to be a big deal. How big, we had no idea. One thing you can say about things in Las Vegas: they will never leave you disappointed. It may leave you broke, or feeling […]

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7 Easy Things Every Business Can Do to Go Green

There are so many things to worry about owning a business: inventory, accounting, human resources-the list goes on and on. Being stewards not just of our businesses but our planet too-the responsible and ethical thing to do is do everything we can to “Go Green.” In our industry it may seem like there isn’t much […]

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USA Needs a Pride Stimulus not an economic stimulus, Some things money can’t buy

By Guest Blogger, Dann the Cable Man In 1980 I was 16 years old, driving a ’67 Camaro (weren’t we all?), Inflation was high and unemployment was even higher. Interest rates were hovering around 20%. The previous year Iranians kidnapped US Embassy staff and were holding them hostage (remember Nightline “day 287 of the Iranian […]

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Follow Your Heart And The (fill in the blank) Will Follow

For some the “blank” is money, other’s it is love, for many it is success in whatever they are pursuing. While I will always consider conventional wisdom-I won’t blindly follow it-personally or in business. Anything else is just crazy talk, foolish to me. Next time someone tells you something is impossible, remember this. That is […]

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Cisco WebEx on 24

I admit it-I am a 24 junkie and I voted for Jack Bauer for President last November. 24 is fast paced, patriotic and uses a lot of really cool technology that the average Joe doesn’t know exists let alone understands. To check out a scene from last night’s 24 click here. Last night the plugs […]

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IT Pros: Stop by our Booth at Interop Las Vegas ‘09

Are you heading to Las Vegas for the big Interop Conference and Expo in May? If so, stop by Booth 2636 May 19-21 and meet some of the Connectzone team. We’d love to share some of the exciting ways IT organizations are using our products and services. Plus we’ll give you a chance to see […]

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