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Where do geeks buy cables?

Where do they buy Cisco compatible Cables? Where else ConnectZone.com as everyone knows is the best source for cables for Custom cables as well as many other Cables and Fiber Optics Several times this year a sales engineer has called Connectzone.com looking for a cable that no one else had in stock ; and as […]

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Cisco CAB-AC-C6K-TWLK power cord

ConnectZone.com has gotten another rather large shipment in of the CAB-AC-C6K-TWLK, AC ¬†power cord for the Cisco Catalyst 6000 with the L6-20P Twist Lock connectors 10 feet long. The CAB-AC-C6K-TWLK has a NEMA L6-20P on one end & the square IEC-320-C19 on th4e other end. The Nema L6-20P connector plugs into the wall & then […]

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