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Where do geeks buy cables?

Where do they buy Cisco compatible Cables? Where else ConnectZone.com as everyone knows is the best source for cables for Custom cables as well as many other Cables and Fiber Optics Several times this year a sales engineer has called Connectzone.com looking for a cable that no one else had in stock ; and as […]

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Cables For Cisco Network Catalyst Equipment & Devices

Cisco is an American-based multinational corporation that designs and manufactures consumer electronics, networking, voice, and communications technology and services. Connectzone stocks a large variety of cables for Cisco equipments and devices such as routers, switches, servers and much more. Get connected today and browse through our list of Cisco cables and find a connection that […]

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Connectzone.com lowers Cisco cable CAB-E1-RJ45BNC price to $18.99.

Connectzone.com lowers Cisco cable ┬áCAB-E1-RJ45BNC price to $18.99. The Connectzone.com CAB-E1-RJ45BNC Dual BNC Male -RJ45 Male unbalanced cable for Cisco Systems CAB-E1-RJ45BNC 10 feet RJ45 Male to Dual BNC male (plug) , Unbalanced, 10′ Alternate Cisco part Numbers 72-1338-01 72-1338-02 Connectzone.com provides a CAB-E1-RJ45BNC cable which is typically used to connect a Ds3 or T3 […]

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15454-CADS3-H-25 for Cisco available now from ConnectZone.com

15454-CADS3-H-25 for Cisco available now from ConnectZone.com     The 15454-CADS3-H-25 DS3 Cisco Cable Assembly is a UBIC-H – 25 ft cable for Cisco ONS 15454 Equipment. The cable is available from ConnectZone.com in multiple lengths with the 25 foot being the most popular.   Other popular Lengths are 15454-CADS3-H-25 15454-CADS3-H-40 15454-CADS3-H-50 15454-CADS3-H-100 As well […]

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