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Connectzone Lynnwood Wa Fiber Optic Attenuators

 Fiber Attenuators   Connectzone, Lynnwood Washington is your best source for fiber-optic attenuators and fiber-optic cables. Our Fiber Singlemode 9/125   Attenuators are available from 1dB to 25dB for immediate shipping. Connectzone offers a wide range of fiber optic Attenuators.  Available for Singlemode 9/125, Multimode 50/125 and Multimode 62.5/125 applications.  Our Male to Female buildout […]

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Product Spotlight – Wire Management

Product Spotlight – Wire Management Cable management refers to an important step during the installation of building services (i.e. electrical services) and the subsequent installation of equipment providing means to tidily secure electrical, data, and other cables. The term is often used interchangeably to refer to products used for the purpose of managing cables or to the […]

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A 3D Printer For Kids

A 3D Printer For Kids All I have to say is WOW! I remember growing up and all I had for top of the line in technology was an apple computer, and a Nintendo NES As predicted, toys will change the world. Our kids, growing up with computers, game consoles, and endless visual delights, will […]

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Product Spotlight – CAB-STACK-10M=

Product Spotlight – CAB-STACK-10M= Cisco systems Stackwise cable 10 meter (30 feet) connects Stackwise ports on 3750/3750-E Catalyst series and NME-XD-24ES-1S-P (alternate Part Number 72-2634-01) The CAB-STACK-10M is a longer version of the Stackwise cables being a full 7 meters longer than is offered by Cisco or any other manufacturer & is fully optimized for […]

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Google Wallet – What Will They Think Of Next?

Google Wallet – What Will They Think Of Next? It’s finally arrived as expected. Google announced that their new Wallet system is finally available for the masses. The app will be rolled out via an over-the-air update and will allow users to tap and pay at over “300,000 PayPass locations around the globe,” according to […]

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Product Spotlight – USB Cables

Product Spotlight – USB Cables Universal Serial Bus cables are great for transfering data from a device to a computer. USB cables can also be in some cases used as a power source for a variety of consumer products on the market such as cell phone and external hard drives. ConnectZone is a supplier for […]

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How To Setup A Home Network

How To Setup A Home Network If you have multiple computers in your home, networking them is a great idea! There are several big advantages to setting up an in-home network:   If one of the computers has a printer attached, then the other computer can print to it over the network. If one of […]

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Product Spotlight – Fiber Media Converters

Product Spotlight – Fiber Media Converters Fiber media converters are simple networking devices that make it possible to connect two dissimilar media types such as twisted pair with fiber optic cabling. They were introduced to the industry nearly two decades ago, and are important in interconnecting fiber optic cabling-based systems with existing copper-based, structured cabling […]

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How to Run Network Cables?

How to Run Network Cables? Hands down the best time to run your network cables is during the initial construction process of the building, but that usually isnt the case. This Blog will help the DIY’ers with running their network cables in fully completed buildings. Fishing and Running the Network Cables For a new building, […]

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Engineers develop material that could speed telecommunications

In a study published July 10 on Nature Photonics’s website, Serdar Kocaman, an electrical engineering Ph.D. candidate, and Chee Wei Wong, associate professor of mechanical engineering, demonstrated how an optical nanostructure can be built that controls the way light bounces off it. When light travels, it bends—in technical terms, it disperses and incurs “phase,” an […]

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