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Radiation To Hit West Coast By Thursday-What Should We Do?

The short answer is nothing. There is not one respected agency telling us anything to indicate there is an emergency or that there will be harm to health. I am pretty sure there is no worldwide cover up and I am a firm believer in conspiracies! The wind is blowing this way and there may […]

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Tsunami Hitting Maui & West Coast of US

Eddie would go? Eddie Aikau was a legend on the North Shore of Oahu. He rescued people out of water no one else would go in, he would surf waves no one else would ergo the saying “Eddie would go”. Since 1970 this saying has been part of Hawaiian Pop culture. There are variations like […]

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Earthquake hits Japan

Earthquake Japan Update 1:00 PM PST: Next Stop South America Hawaii and greater North America seem to have emerged from today’s tsunami warnings relatively unscathed-so far a few broken boats here and there and minor shore front flooding. But the wave is still on the move and with little to slow it down combined with […]

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