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Waterproof Data Connectors: RJ45 and USB

Waterproof Data Connectors: RJ45 Cat5e/Cat6 and USB 2.0 A, B, and Mini-B from LTW Technology LTW manufactures a comprehensive line of waterproof solutions for moisture and dust-sensitive applications around the world. ConnectZone is a supplier of LTW waterproof connectors and products. We carry several types of watertight and harsh environment connectivity products, such as HDMI, Coaxial, DVI ,Circular, Power, and so much more. This article highlights our […]

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Waterproof IP67, IP68 and IP69 RJ45

ConnectZone.com stocks Waterproof Rj45 Connectors & Waterproof Rj45 Cable Assemblies. Our Amphenol / LTW RJ45 waterproof Connectors come in IP67 IP68 & IP69 waterproof ratings. Here is a short list of our most popular waterproof RJ45 for more infoprmation pleae contact us. LTWRJ-00AMMA-SL7001 LTWRJ-00AMMA-SL7002 LTWRJ-00BMMA-SL7003 Our main Styles that we carry are Waterproof D-Sub Connectors Waterproof […]

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