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Connectzone hits a Grand Slam for local kids!

Connectzone is sponsoring the Everett Express fast pitch softball team. The Connectzone team feels strongly about supporting local organizations that support our children. According to many authorities the top ten reasons to involve your child in sports are: 1. Playing sports is fun. It gives your child something to do and a group to belong […]

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A Day In The Life Of Cable dog

By Guest Blogger Sammy My name is Sammy-I also go by Sam. I am a 5 year old Border Collie mix. I was rescued from a dumpster in Yakima by an organization called Lil’ Waif Puppy Rescue. I came to the rescue with something they called “failure to thrive”. They were really nice to me […]

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Microsoft Tag-Way Cool

What the heck is a Microsoft Tag-you might be asking yourself? Well it is something pretty new and innovative from Microsoft and it looks like this:   Now if you have the application for your cell phone (you can get it here for free) you can just aim your cell with the Tag application open at the image above […]

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