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APC Angle Polished Fiber Jumpers

APC Angle Polished Fiber Jumpers Fiber connectors with angle polished APC finishes are a very popular choice in the market today. APC finishes are made by polishing the fiber at an angle. The endface is polished at an 8-degree angle to the fiber cladding so that most return loss is reflected in to the cladding […]

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LC APC Polish Fiber Optic Attenuators 1dB – 30dB in stock in Seattle

Fiber Optic Inline Attenuators LC APC Polish Fiber Optic attenuators 1dB – 30dB in stock. ConnectZone.com stock IS9001 LC APC Fiber Optical Single Mode Inline Attenuators from 1dB to 30dB. The ConnectZone.com LC Angle Polish Attenuators are built to exceed telecordia standards. LC APC Optical Attenuator 1dB LC APC Optical Attenuator 2dB LC APC Optical […]

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