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LTWRJS-5EPFFJ-SC7009 Waterproof LTW IP67 Female RJ45 panel mount

  The LTWRJS-5EPFFJ-SC7009 panel mount RJ45 is IP67 rated waterproof connector and has a metal body for durability. It has a short cable to the interior for easy installation. The entire connector is shielded and uses a screw down method to mate with its waterproof Cable connector (LTWRJ-00BMMA-SL7005).     More LTW Technology Products Listed […]

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LTWHDB-15AFFM-SL7A01 Waterproof Watertight IP67 Rated LTW Technology Molded Connector to Cable

ConnectZone is a supplier for LTW Tech products such as LTWHDB-15AFFM-SL7A01 Waterproof Watertight IP67 Rated High Density D-Sub Shielded HD15 Female Connector molded to Cable With UL2464 PVC Jacket 15C*26# AL/MYLAR Plus Drain Length: 1 Meter Connector Type: HD15 Female High Density D-Sub Shielded with Strain Relief Pin: Female Copper Alloy Gold Plated Assembly Style: […]

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