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A Day In The Life Of Cable dog

By Guest Blogger Sammy My name is Sammy-I also go by Sam. I am a 5 year old Border Collie mix. I was rescued from a dumpster in Yakima by an organization called Lil’ Waif Puppy Rescue. I came to the rescue with something they called “failure to thrive”. They were really nice to me […]

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Cisco WebEx on 24

I admit it-I am a 24 junkie and I voted for Jack Bauer for President last November. 24 is fast paced, patriotic and uses a lot of really cool technology that the average Joe doesn’t know exists let alone understands. To check out a scene from last night’s 24 click here. Last night the plugs […]

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Cable Geek

Cable Geek is who most of our established customer’s know as LanceW@connectzone.com . Lance has been on our team for about a million years. In short Lance is our company’s and our customer’s safe sales harbor in stormy seas. Yep-the rest of us could be wiped out with the stomach flu or a snow storm […]


That’s me, it’s really kind of more of a personality type than a name. My business card says my title is “Mission Control” that’s an upgrade from what my title used to be which was “does everything that no one else knows how to do or is unwilling to do”. Remember the movie Apollo 13? […]


Is the most recent addition to the www.connectzone.com team. Since he is kind of new-I don’t know him inside and out like I do the rest of the crew. Here is what I do know: he has got to be one of the most cheerful employees I have ever had, surely he most have bad […]

Cable Stud

One of the unique things Connectzone.com can offer that many of our competitors can’t is custom cables. We make them fast, we make them to spec, we guarantee them and Cable Stud (known as Ed to his Mother) oversees the whole process. If it isn’t built right-it doesn’t get past him. Period. Ed and his […]


PZ is another one of our amazing employees. Remember in the networking blog entry I told you about hidden skill sets? Well here is an example of what I was talking about; this guy can take amazing pictures of little teeny tiny connectors with a very complicated digital camera so we can display them on […]

Dann the Cable Man

He has been in the Wire & Cable industry since he was 14 years old running an old Eubanks automated wire stripping machine for his father, in his grandfathers garage; getting paid $0.50 for every 5,000 wires he stripped. The job was easier than is sounds as he basically sat & watched the machine in […]

Who is Jemma Jr.?

You would spot her instantly in our office. Behind every successful leader-there is a Jemma sweeping up the consequences of genius. Our office has two Jemma’s. I am Jemma one-not because I am better than Jemma Jr. but because I was here first and I coined the name. It came out of a movie called […]