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Product Spotlight – USB Cables

Product Spotlight – USB Cables Universal Serial Bus cables are great for transfering data from a device to a computer. USB cables can also be in some cases used as a power source for a variety of consumer products on the market such as cell phone and external hard drives. ConnectZone is a supplier for […]

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Product Spotlight – 19″ inch Data Rack Mount Shelves

Product Spotlight – 19″ inch Data Rack Mount Shelves ConnectZone offers 1RU and 2RU premium EIA/TIA 19″ inch data rack shelfs. These shelfs are commonly mounted on 19″ inch open relay data racks and are used to support network equipment. We stock a wide variety of cantilever data rack shelfs which customers have the opportunity […]

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Product Spotlight – Data Rack Mount Kits/Ears

Product Spotlight – Data Rack Mount Kits/Ears ConnectZone is your best source for Rack Mount Kits & for your Cisco Routers, Switches and Firewalls. Our Rack mount kits are built the the same exact standards. Our rack Mount kits are also known as Rack Brackets and Rack ears. We have a huge selection of Rack […]

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ConnectZone Waterproof USB Panel Mount connectors

WaterProof USB Panel Mount Connectors at ConnectZone! ConnectZone is a large supplier for LTW Technology products. We carry multple types of waterproof watertight cables and connectors such as HDMI, RJ45, Coaxial, DVI and so much more. The USB standard connector, created in 1996 by Ajay Bhatt of Intel, has become the most common computer, electronics […]

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