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10GB Fiber Cables

10GB Fiber Cables ConnectZone.com stocks over 10,000 fiber optic cables at any time having one of the largest sections of not just 10GB fiber but also SM & MM fiber as well. 10GB Fiber Cords (OM3 fiber) come standard with ceramic ferrules and deliver 10 gigabit data speed in intensive bandwidth situations. Our OM3 fiber […]

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Product Spotlight – Inline Fiber Optic Attenuators

Product Spotlight – Inline Fiber Optic Attenuators An optical attenuator is a device used to reduce the level of an optical signal, either in free space or in an optical fiber. They are commonly used in fiber optic communications. Optical attenuators used in fiber optic communications systems may use a variety of principles for their […]

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Where do geeks buy cables?

Where do they buy Cisco compatible Cables? Where else ConnectZone.com as everyone knows is the best source for cables for Custom cables as well as many other Cables and Fiber Optics Several times this year a sales engineer has called Connectzone.com looking for a cable that no one else had in stock ; and as […]

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