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Who Rescued Who?

Stories are surfacing today about the rescue teams summoned to Japan to search for survivors of the ever growing catastrophe. Some of these team members seem unlikely heroes.  A large number of the team’s members were themselves homeless, alone and no doubt broken hearted. Someone at some point had stopped caring about them yet somehow […]

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A Silver Lining for Japan?

You are probably struggling as am I to find something good about the disaster in Japan. My silver lining is this-humanity. Amidst human greed, materialism, self-absorption and consumption, I sometimes find it hard to find a reason to believe in the human race. Today I found some hope and something that speaks volumes about Japanese […]

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Just When You Thought It Couldn’t Get Worse for Japan…

Just when you would be tempted to think that things couldn’t get worse for Japan-it does. Never mind the continued aftershocks from Friday’s 8.9 earthquake. Let’s overlook the painfully frequent tsunami sirens warnings after every aftershock. Oh and add to that rolling blackouts of power, lack of water, food shelter, 3 nuclear reactors on the […]

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