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LTWRJS-5EPFFJ-SC7009 Waterproof LTW IP67 Female RJ45 panel mount

  The LTWRJS-5EPFFJ-SC7009 panel mount RJ45 is IP67 rated waterproof connector and has a metal body for durability. It has a short cable to the interior for easy installation. The entire connector is shielded and uses a screw down method to mate with its waterproof Cable connector (LTWRJ-00BMMA-SL7005).     More LTW Technology Products Listed […]

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CT-2006 RJ45 8P8C crimping tool ratchet type style

RJ45 Crimp Tool CT-2006 RJ45 8P8C crimping tool ratchet type style Specs: Used on data & telecommunications Vital tool for cable terminations Changeable blades Hand tool for network cables Features: crimp tool for RJ45 connector plugs Ratchet type style Adjustable blades Used for stripping modular cables Can also cut modular cables Common use for RJ45 […]

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LTWCAP-WADPMSB1 waterproof USB A & RJ45 connector cap (NEW ITEM)

LTW Waterproof Cap LTWCAP-WADPMSB1 waterproof USB A & RJ45 connector cap watertight cover with chain rated IP67 USB A & RJ45 cover cap Waterproof cap Watertight cover Lock type Includes chain lead Rated IP67 ConnectZone is a supplier for waterproof caps. LTW Technology caps help protect from dust, water & residue build-up from entering into your connectors. We […]

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AIR-DB15HOODRJ6 Waterproof Watertight Connector Adapter DB15 to RJ45

Supplier for Waterproof D-sub & High Density D-sub Connectors and Cables AIR-DB15HOODRJ6 Waterproof Watertight Connector/Adapter. DB15 Male to RJ45 Female Pinned F.I LTW Technology Standard D-Sub & Hi-Density D-Sub Connector and Cable Specs: What we offer Connector: D-Sub Shielded, High Density D-Sub Shielded, D-Sub Plastic, High Density D-Sub Plastic Number of Contacts: 09, 15, 25, […]

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Waterproof Data Connectors: RJ45 and USB

Waterproof Data Connectors: RJ45 Cat5e/Cat6 and USB 2.0 A, B, and Mini-B from LTW Technology LTW manufactures a comprehensive line of waterproof solutions for moisture and dust-sensitive applications around the world. ConnectZone is a supplier of LTW waterproof connectors and products. We carry several types of watertight and harsh environment connectivity products, such as HDMI, Coaxial, DVI ,Circular, Power, and so much more. This article highlights our […]

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LTW Waterproof Connector Information

LTW Waterproof Connectors   LTW supplies various waterproof solutions which meet a wide selection of applications around the globe. A sample of the feasible applications for LTW connectors: Automotive, Outdoor Audio/Video, Communications, Industrial Equipment, Marine, Military, Power Energy, Check and Measurement LTW focuses on developing, designing and manufacturing lots of kinds of waterproof connectors and […]

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RJ45 8P8C connector colored boots for Cat5e & Cat6 cables

  RJ45 Connect Colored Boots RJ45 8P8C colored snag-less boots is designed for Cat5 / Cat6 cables to relieve strain on the connector and helps identifying cables along with cosmetically enhances the cables appearance. 50 pack RJ45 8P8C black colored snag-less boots is designed for Cat5 and Cat6 cables. Put the RJ45 boot on prior […]

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Cat5e stranded RJ45 modular connector plug 50 pack

Cat5e RJ45 Modular Connector Plug 50 pack (50 pcs)Cat5e 8 conductor modular plug with 50 micron gold plated contancts 8P8C stranded RJ45 connector. Built to withstand evrday abuse with its superior strain relief. Our quality RJ45 crimp type connectors make building custom length Cat5e network cables simple with error free data transfer. The staggered 8 […]

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Cisco CAB-72-3383-01 rollover console cable starting on sale $9.99

Cisco CAB-72-3383-01 console cable starting on sale $9.99 Similar Items: AIR-CONCAB1200 CAB-1700-CON= CAB-72-3383-01= CAB-72-3663-01= CAB-72-3383-01 Cisco Molded Console Cable. DB9 Female to RJ45 Male All In One Cisco CAB-72-3383-01 one piece cable for connecting your computer’s serial port to the RJ45 console port on most Cisco equipment. Rollover console cable RJ45 Male to DB9 female […]

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Orange Cat5e 350 MHz Ethernet Patch Cables Starting at $0.69

  Orange Cat5e 350 MHz Ethernet Patch Cables Starting at $0.69   Orange Cat5e Ethernet Patch Cable Lengths Available: 1 Foot Cat5e Patch cord 3 Foot Cat5e Patch cord 5 Foot Cat5e Patch cord 7 Foot Cat5e Patch cord 10 Foot Cat5e Patch cord 11 Foot Cat5e Patch cord 13 Foot Cat5e Patch cord 14 […]

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