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USB Cable for BlackBerry Playbook and USB Tech Specs

USB Connectors & Universal Serial Bus cables USB-A Type USB-B Type USB Mini-B 5 pin USB Mini-B 4 pin USB Micro A-B USB 3.0 A-type Standard USB Type-A The USB Standard-A type of USB plug is a flattened rectangle which inserts into a “downstream-port” receptacle on the USB host, or a hub, and carries both […]

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Waterproof watertight LTW IP67 IP68 Rated USB 2.0 Cables and Connectors Type A & B

Water Proof Water Tight Universal Serial Bus ( USB ) Connectors & Cables ConnectZone is a large supplier for LTW Technology products. We carry multple types of waterproof watertight cables and connectors such as HDMI, RJ45, Coaxial, DVI and so much more. This article focuses on our line of waterproof watertight USB 2.0 products. Standard […]

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LTWUA-20AFMM-LL7A01 LTW Technology Waterproof Watertight Rated IP67 USB Cable Type A

LTWUA-20AFMM-LL7A01 Waterproof Watertight Rated IP67 LTW Technology USB 2.0 Type A Female Connector Molded to Cable With Male Pins Length: 1 Meter Connectors: USB A Speed: 2.0 (480 Mbps) Connector Type: Strain Relief Connector Gender: Female Contact Gender: Male Assembly Style: Molded With Cable Mating Style: Lock Backshell: Straight Waterproof Rating: IP67 Standard Cable: USB […]

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