Be ready for May 21, 2011; its the first day to read this blog entry. Be prepared for Cable-gedon with a top-quality supplier like ConnectZone.

  1. We got Weird Stuff
    Need an exotic Cisco cable, like the CAB-RFSW520QTIMF2? It’s not the end of the world. We got those monstrosities here.CAB-RFSW520QTIMF2
    Want a red fiber optic cable? We are your best shot. And we have no Judgement on your choice of colors.
    Fiber Patch Cord, RED MM 62.5/125 FC-FC duplex 1 Meter
    Looking for a 10 meter CAB-STACK-10M Cisco StackWise cable? Got them on our shelves, right next to the Survival Kit.CAB-STACK-10M Cisco StackWise
  2. We got Mad Skills
    Our production department can build all kinds of cable assemblies for you. They know how to build more types of cables than you can count.
  3. We are Good-Looking
    ConnectZone full logo-resized-600
    Not us personally (that is debatable), but our symbol is certainly handsome. Sometimes, all you get is a superficial glimpse of a company, so we made sure Our Logo kicks butt! Who could disagree? Just look at it!
  4. We are in the ZONE!After hours martini, not for us!
    Being located in Lynnwood, near Seattle, means we are in the optimal Time Zone. Seriously, Pacific Standard Time ROCKS! We are still at our desks, plugging away long after other Time Zones call it a day and go out for martinis.So you can call us for help when you have an emergency. We don’t even LIKE martinis.
  5. Everyone needs a Geek sometimes
    There will come a time when you need help from a specialist, someone who really knows the subject, a real Nerd on a given subject. When it comes to networking cables, only ConnectZone has the CableGeek! This guy LIVES for cables. He has been at ConnectZone so long, his brain is filled with crazy cable knowledge.
    c--users-lancew-pictures-jester head cablegeek

Dann Oberholtzer

Dann "The Cable Man" Oberholtzer has been in the cable, Fiber Optic business Since the early 1980's that is over 30 years of experience !

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