You are probably struggling as am I to find something good about the disaster in Japan. My silver lining is this-humanity. Amidst human greed, materialism, self-absorption and consumption, I sometimes find it hard to find a reason to believe in the human race. Today I found some hope and something that speaks volumes about Japanese culture.

In the United States-if there is a hint of a snow storm, everyone goes to the grocery market and buys out the bread isle. Unrest in the Middle East leads to car bombs, road side bombs, killing. Riots in Los Angeles lead to looting, Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans lead to looting on a shocking scale. In the middle of possibly the worst recorded earthquake resulting in a tsunami and the melt down of nuclear plants-not to mention it is winter and about to snow on all these displaced people-there is no panic. Hysteria and pandemonium are not wreaking havoc. In fact quite the opposite.

As people are passing each other on the street-they are not saying “good day” or “Good morning”, they are saying “we are in this together”. Super markets are cutting prices, vending machine owners are giving out free drinks as people work together to survive. There is no looting, just altruism even in adversity-the rest of the world should take a lesson from that. Maybe we should all strengthen our dams, install sirens and make sure the nuclear core is housed in a sound enclosure but mostly we should all hold hands and stick together-the whole world. would like to ask that everyone with the financial means donate to the Red Cross to help Japan, .91 cents of every 1.00 dollar goes directly to aiding victims of disaster.

Dann Oberholtzer

Dann "The Cable Man" Oberholtzer has been in the cable, Fiber Optic business Since the early 1980's that is over 30 years of experience !

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