Is the most recent addition to the team. Since he is kind of new-I don’t know him inside and out like I do the rest of the crew. Here is what I do know: he has got to be one of the most cheerful employees I have ever had, surely he most have bad days like the rest of us-but it never shows-not even a little bit, he is willing to do any task assigned and I mean anything. Aaron will go help on a cabling install, he will crop photos for our website, he is always on time and extraordinarily polite and that quality is really hard to find in the “X” generation.

Now I will tell you a secret. Aaron is a type A perfectionist about everything. I feel bad for him; being an obsessive compulsive perfectionist myself I know it is really burdensome. As his employer on the other hand it works out really well for me.

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Dann Oberholtzer

Dann "The Cable Man" Oberholtzer has been in the cable, Fiber Optic business Since the early 1980's that is over 30 years of experience !

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