Fiber Optic Cables

Why Fiber Optic Cable Preferred for Internet Connections? 6 Surprising Facts About Fiber Optic Cable.

  The Fiber optic technology is quicker and faster than the copper in the transmission of information/data. One of the significant reasons is that the fiber optic innovation transmits information in pulses of light while the copper wires transmit information via electrical flows. Accordingly, there is less resistance along the Read more…

By Dann Oberholtzer, ago
Copper Cable

Important Facts That You Should Know About Fiber Optic And Copper Cable. The Next Big Thing in Fiber Optic Vs Copper Cable.

  Copper is less expensive to connect network devices and has some advantages, including the fact that it exists in several places. While fiber optic cables are more expensive, there are lots of benefits that make it a cable infrastructure solution. Fiber Optic and copper cable are capable of doing Read more…

By Dann Oberholtzer, ago