Cab-HD4-232FC for $199.99

CAB-HD4-232FC also has the  Cab-HD4-232MT under $120.


The Cab-HD4-232FC cable is used to connect the Cisco 8 port Asynchronous  / Synchronous High speed wan card.


The Cab-HD4-232MT cable is used with the Cisco 8-Port Asynchronous/Synchronous High-Speed WAN Interface Card with 2 high-density 4-port connectors. Each connector supports four ports of EIA-232 with data communications equipment (DCE) or data terminal equipment (DTE) interfaces. All four ports on one cable use the same DTE/DCE mode. The Cisco Cards that this is normally used with is HWIC-4A/S & HWIC-8A/S-232 for more information please see Cisco Website.



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