You would spot her instantly in our office. Behind every successful leader-there is a Jemma sweeping up the consequences of genius. Our office has two Jemma’s. I am Jemma one-not because I am better than Jemma Jr. but because I was here first and I coined the name. It came out of a movie called “A Good Year”. It’s a great movie starring
Russell Crowe and has something for men and women-so boys don’t be afraid to rent it because it’s a chick flick. If you have seen the movie-you will understand the meaning of being a Jemma.

A Jemma is essential to every executive and if you don’t have one-I recommend you get one and do it with some urgency! You see Jemma is the office Jedhi Master she is also a Japanese Ninja combined with Master Po and a couple of encyclopedias. If Jemma were a race car she would have the capacity to travel at the speed of sound, in all wheel drive and have a shift on the fly feature.

Ever been on a business trip and lost your reservation code? Don’t worry Jemma has it. What about the password for your Swiss bank account? Jemma has all your passwords, logons and bank account numbers memorized. Want to build a website today? Jemma knows how. Jemma also knows all your family’s birthdates and your wife’s or husband’s favorite color-even if she has never met any of them.

Jemma can get rid of a vendor stalking you and organize your dry cleaning pick up at the same time she is building your website. Lock yourself out of your office did you? Hope you didn’t leave your cell phone in there cause you are going to have to call Jemma. Lost in San Francisco in a rental car-not to worry, Jemma installed GPS on your cell and can pull up your location on line and give you directions from her cell phone or PC.

Jemma has more patience and tolerance for executive eccentricities than Gandhi and as driven and self directed as Donald Trump. See what I mean? If you don’t have one-you better get one-just don’t try to steal ours.

If you want to meet Jemma Jr. you will have to ask for Ashley, that’s her alter ego.

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Dann Oberholtzer

Dann "The Cable Man" Oberholtzer has been in the cable, Fiber Optic business Since the early 1980's that is over 30 years of experience !

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